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ll   Lorena Ex-Students Association     ll

Phone or Text: 254-709-4781       E-mail: Lorena.Exes@gmail.com       Mail to: P.O. Box 121, Crawford TX 76638

   Active Members

1940 Edward Vorderkunz
1946 Vernon A. Hansen
1946 Joyce Bufkin Walker
1949 James Fulbright
1949 Bobbie Bufkin Hansen
1950 Donald E. Hurst
1951 Gene Cox
1951 Kittie Lynn Dawson
1951 Rachael Wills Vajgert
1952 Kenneth Adams
1952 Elizabeth Estes Taylor
1953 Gwen Salter Tindell
1953 James C. Young
1954 Elizabeth Todd Berry
1954 Jimmy Berry
1954 Joyce Warren Griffin
1955 David Cox
1955 Robert Dawson
1955 Stewart A. Drake
1955 Nora Herchman Jennings
1955 Betty McIlhaney Maley
1955 Beverly Guderian Pettigrew
1955 Kenneth Roberson
1955 Jerry Walters
1956 Mary Browder Birdsong
1956 Catherine Parker Crane
1956 Shirley Trice Swank
1957 Violet Hughes Cruse
1957 Kelley Hinson
1957 Mary Thiele Schantz
1958 Ann Chaffin Cox
1958 Wanda Walters Edens
1958 Mamie Cook Johnston
1958 Jimmy Simons
1958 Jan Chaffin Walters
1958 Kenneth Warren
1959 Montez Rucker Busby
1960 Edith Allen Hobbs
1960 Linda Joyner Peters
1960 Frank Warren
1961 Marty Huntsinger
1961 Michael Huntsinger
1962 Carolyn Berrier Jones
1962 William D. McQueen
1962 Carolyn Montrose Warren
1963 Naomi Hansen Arnold
1963 Luther W. Brunson
1963 Larry "Stan" Huntsinger
1963 Aubrey Nehring
1963 William G. Powell (Hansen)
1964 Richard Eggerman
1964 Pam Griffin Matus
1965 Judy Neal Chaney
1966 Terry Braun
1966 John A. Kuehn
1966 Darlene Beeman Lowry
1966 Gary Lowry
1966 Charlotte Hansen Sadler
1966 Patsy Wallace Wake

*Died Nov. 25, 2016


Welcome to our Website

The Lorena Ex-Students Association was established on November 1, 1952, by the Lorena High School chapter of the National Honor Society for the purpose of supporting the Lorena schools and students with charitable projects. Scholarships are awarded annually to graduates who are pursuing their educational goals.

       Membership is open to anyone who was ever enrolled as a student in the Lorena School District, as well as all former teachers, administrators, staff members, employees and/or trustees of the district. You do NOT have to be a graduate of Lorena High School. We would like you to be a part of our Association to help us with the support of the Association goals.

      When you pay your dues for the 2017-18 year (which began this year on November 5 and continues until the day after the 2018 Homecoming at LHS).

       If your name is not showing on this page as an active member, we hope YOUR name will be added to this page soon! If you have paid your dues and your name is not here, please notify us immediately.

         The 2015-16 year total membership was 247.

          The 2016-17 year total membership was 225.

          The 2017-18 year total membership is now 112.

     The following have been added to our memorials pages recently and all memorials information can be found by going to the We Remember . . . tab.

Bobbie Jeanette Nehring, (Class of 1958)
Jeanette Nehring

James Allen LaMont (Class of 1960)
James LaMont

Doris Wynn Brown (Class of 1942)

   Active Members

Danny Cook
1968 Marvin Lankford
1968 Linda Bethke Nelson
1968 Nancy Beck Orsag
1969 Wilbur Cook
1969 Jackie Hughes Holt

1971 Janet Buckner Helton
1971 Phyllis Deiterman Ochs
1972 Leslie Casey
1972 Marsha Pigg Pennington

1973 Robert Judd
1979 Donna Dawson Buro
1980 Linda Simpson Bolin
1980 Belinda Feathers Bradley
1980 Katrina Jennings Brown
1980 Paul Feathers
1980 Dena Dawson Tindle
1981 Robert Feltenberger
1981 Steve Sims
1983 Jim Jennings

1984 Clint Baker
1984 Teri Slaughter Jennings
1984 Donna Kornegay Mills
1985 Trae Evans Kendrick
1985 Tina Rider
Bobby Coats
Tiffany Ball Weaver
1990 Dawn Carey Coats
1990 Chad Thompson
1991 Melissa Thrash Alexander
1991 Jennifer Crenshaw Baker
Billy Jack Michna
1995 Heather Crenshaw Baker
1995 Sherry Kuehn Zawadzki
Cheryl Damon Crenshaw
Lea McKnight Schnizer
Jamie Damon Montgomery
2002 Marc Montgomery
John Miller
Sarah Feathers Miller
Jake Bolin
2010 Cole Sims
2012 Erin Sims
Belinda Strauch
2016 Jake Durbin
2017 Carly Campbell
2017 Hunter Hansen
2017 Katie King
2017 Keaton Marek
2017 Tiffany Peacock
2017 Zachary Pierce
2017 Ashlynn Sorrells
2017 Jenna Thompson